Parti-Coloured Cocker Spaniel Club


 BEST IN SHOW: Sh Ch Glowhill Silver Spur
BEST OPPOSITE SEX: Cachel Parti Piece
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW: Kyna Bealicious
BEST MINOR PUPPY IN SHOW: Glowhill Cotton Eyed Joe
BEST VETERAN IN SHOW: Sh Ch Lapidary Rebel

BIS Championship Show Feb 2015
L-R: Sh Ch Glowhill Silver Spur (DCC & BIS), Cachel Parti Piece (BCC & BOS)

BPIS Championship Show February 2015
L-R Kyna Italian Job (BPD) Kyna Bealicious (BPB & BPIS)

BVIS Championship Show 2015
L-R Sh Ch Lapidary Rebel Rebel (BVD & BVIS), Sheigra Swing on a Star JW

photos © Jimmy Wyatt


DOGS - JUDGE: Judith Craig (Alisma)
Dog CC: Sh Ch Glowhill Silver Spur
Res Dog: CC Canigou Rock Star
Best Minor Puppy Dog: Dog Glowhill Cotton Eyed Joe
Best Puppy Dog: Dog Kyna Italian Job
Best Veteran Dog: Sh Ch Lapidary Rebel Rebel

Any Veteran Dog
1st Sh Ch Lapidary Rebel Rebel
2nd Sh Ch/IS ShCh Travellers Joy of Malpas
3rd Sh Ch Chavez Royal Liaison JW
4th Nulea Over The Moon JW ShCM
VHC Kaniboo Midnight Diamond ShCM

Puppy Dog

1st Asquanne Generation Gent
2nd Withiflor Treacle for Wilanorah
3rd Zakova True Print
4th Troverothway Jack The Lad At Salaambeck

Novice Dog
1st Wensum Jameson's on Ice
2nd Time Traveller
3rd Kyrenia Time Lock with Swanmarch

Open Dog
1st Sh Ch Molkara Magician JW
2nd Perrytree Toffee Crisp
3rd Weirdene Wake Up at Helenwood JW

Puppy Dog

1st Chavez Royal Dedication
2nd Marquell Newsreader
3rd Aglaia's Lord Lieutenant of Claramand (Imp Deu)

Novice Dog
1st Jozelah Marinho

Open Dog
 1st Sh Ch Canyonn Classic Illusion JW
2nd Sharemead The Sultan

Puppy Dog

1st Cassom Sky Rocket at Candyke
2nd Abercromere of La Vie Magnifique for Claramand (Imp)
3rd Deracor Di Nozzo
4th Clavaire Rhapsody in Blue
VHC Annilann Mister Blue Sky

Junior Dog
1st Veratey Vincenzo at Cassom JW
2nd Shenjela Midnight Flyer

Novice Dog
1st Kyna Swagman
2nd A'Qui-Gon Ebony Empire at Kalispell

Open Dog
1st Sh Ch Glowhill Silver Spur
2nd Wilmerella Keep Dancing with Melandroy
3rd Syrmor Black and White Magic

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Glowhill Cotton Eyed Joe
2nd Ryallcourt on a Mission
3rd Jacardi of Merrily (Imp Fra) TAF
4th Snugborough Soul Power to Candyke
VHC Chavez Royal Performance

Puppy Dog
1st Kyna Italian Job
2nd Lujesa Sky's the Limit
3rd Cassom Sky Rocket at Candyke
4th Shellcoast St Pierre
VHC Ferrersedge Chronos

Junior Dog
1st Helenwood Recognition
2nd Miska Mission Impossible
3rd Time Traveller
4th Shenjela Midnight Flyer
VHC Haradwater Make Me Smile at Shaggylands (Imp Prt)

Yearling Dog
1st Withiflor Rolling Stone JW
2nd Sonham Blue Diamond
3rd Jozelah Marinho
4th Allert's Knock Out at Mossdew (Imp Swe)
VHC Kalispell Beaspoke

Maiden Dog
1st Wensum Jamiesons on Ice
2nd Asquannes Generation Gap
3rd Rayol Charlie Cairoli at Brightgrass
4th Annilann Mister Blue Sky

Undergraduate Dog
1st Acquelin Double Fara Flare
2nd Asquanne Generation Gent
3rd Withiflor Bluebeau
4th Jayzander Hermes with Crimicar
VHC Falconers Democrat of Ware

Postgraduate Dog
1st Chavez Royal Dreamer
2nd Wensum Black Lightning JW
3rd Deracor D'Artagnan
4th Oakrosa Rhett Butler
VHC Sheigra Stargazer JW

Special Beginners Dog
1st Kaniboo Midnight Diamond ShCM
2nd Jayzander Blue Moonlight at Crimicar
3rd Withiflor Blubeau
4th Deracor Dire Straits
VHC Harbethol Look Rock Master with Chanmalo

Limit Dog
1st Marquell McCready by Kalrizienne
2nd Perrytree Toffee Crisp
3rd Helenwood Integrity JW
4th Chativore Steel Symphony
VHC Jardinisle Happy Times

Open Dog
1st Sh Ch Canigou Rock Star
2nd Sh Ch Olibond Remember Me JW
3rd Sheigra Sugar Daddy with Donmyl JW
4th Sandlauga Jack Frost


BITCHES – JUDGE: Linda Crowley (Ashalon)
Bitch CC: Cachel Parti Piece
Res Bitch CC: Glowhill Miss Saigon
Best Minor Puppy Bitch: Quintavia Last Dance
Best Puppy Bitch: Kyna Bealicious
Best Veteran Bitch: Sheigra Swing on a Star JW

Any Colour Veteran Bitch
1st Sheigra Swing on a Star JW
2nd Merryhaze Martini
3rd Wilmerella Wave Dancer at Melandroy

Puppy Bitch

1st Annilann Miss Sing
2nd Royaldean Rosalia
3rd Fendrove Orange Crème
4th Hustonia Brittania of Claramand
VHC Cassom Hopes and Dreams at Malinson

Junior Bitch
1st Kyna Billy Jean
2nd Sonham Sapphire Blue
3rd Chativore Calico Sky over Gilcar

Novice Bitch
1st Chativre Calico Sky ove Gilcar

Open Bitch
1st Sh Ch Candyke Lady Oh JW
2nd Charbonnel Ermine n Pearls JW

Puppy Bitch

1st Lujesa Magic Touch at Classicway
2nd Claramand Tanatious
3rd Gallinagos Emotion in Motion at Villaspaniol
4th Adrona Diamond Delight
VHC Zakova Calypso Spirit at Brightgrass

Novice Bitch
1st Charbonnel Dream Jeanie
2nd Quettadene Pearl Drop JW
3rd Miska Counting Stars

Open Bitch
1st Sh Ch Molkara Escala
2nd Evaremoc Dark Diamond

Puppy Bitch

1st Glenntree Mademoiselle

Novice Bitch
1st Sharemead Golden Locks

Open Bitch
1st Helenwood Gift Wrapped JW
2nd Sh Ch Canigou Storytime at Withiflor JW

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st Quintavia Last Dance
2nd Lochranza Scatterbrain
3rd Charbonnel Life n 'Lilac
4th Shenmore Suniska
VHC Troverothway Just So

Puppy Bitch
1st Kyna Bealicious
2nd Dreamlereve Betty Boo at Fourtails
3rd Lujesa Rainbow's End
4th Izznberr Killer Queen
VHC Claramand Foregt Me Not For Oramiss

Junior Bitch
1st Cachel Parti Piece
2nd Dreamlereve Betty Boo at Fourtails
3rd Sonham Sapphire Blue
4th Glantraeth Time to Dream
VHC Izznberr Izza Legacy

Yearling Bitch
1st Ryallcourt Thrifty
2nd Lujesa Obrigada JW
3rd Withiflor Wheels on Fire
4th Coedcernyw Charisma JW
VHC Chazbaz Black Lace

Maiden Bitch
1st Claramand Forget Me Not for Oramiss
2nd Chativore Calico Sky over Gilcar
3rd Swanmarch Summer Sensation
4th Falconers Evensong of Ware

Undergraduate Bitch
1st Charbonnel Dream Jeanie
2nd Olibond Let Me Be The One
3rd Chavez Royal Golden Jubilee
4th Cachel Justbecause
VHC Coedcernyw Castanet

Post Graduate Bitch
1st Glowhill Miss Saigon
2nd Annilann Miss Is Zippy JW
3rd Canyonn Classic Destiny
4th Olibond As Time Goes By at Glasfryn JW
VHC Wensum Some Like It Hot JW

Special Beginners Bitch
1st Reemif Ice Ice Baby
2nd Manchela Startime at WyleyeView JW
3rd Kalispell Sunday Girl ShCM
4th Martiso Mojito
VHC Sarabar Saphala

Limit Bitch
1st Canigou Sun Tanned
2nd Reemif Ice Ice Baby
3rd Villaspaniol Silk and Steel
4th Sheigra Shining Star JW
VHC Molkara Anastasia with Jozelah JW

Open Bitch
1st Sh Ch Lujesa Starry Eyed JW
2nd Ryallcourt Painted Lace JW
3rd Reemif Ice Ice Baby
4th Stobytill Eliza