Parti-Coloured Cocker Spaniel Club

Honorary Officers of the Club 1971-to present date

Mrs K J Gold 1973–1975
Mrs M England 1978–1987
Mrs P Masters 1993–2006
Mrs M Robinson 2001–2004
Position dissolved

Mr Freddie Mathews 1971–
Mrs Bertha Mathews 1971–
Mrs M England 1987–1989
Mr D Worrall 1990–1991
Mrs P Masters 1991–1993
Mrs M Robinson 1993–2001
Mrs D Young 2001–to present date

Dr P Crawford Wallace 1971–1987
Mrs P Masters 1980–2006
Mrs D M Schofield 1995–1997
Mr P Schofield 1995–2004
Miss J Walker 1993–2008
Position dissolved

Mr W R Blythe 1971–1977
Mr S Baldwin 1977–1981
Mr D Worrall 1981–1990
Mrs M Robinson 1990–1993
Mr D Havell 1993–1997
Mr G Kitchen 1997–2000
Mrs J Hamilton 2000–2003
Mrs M Allard 2003–2013
Mr P Darby 2014 - to present date

Mr D Worrall 1971–1981
Mr S Baldwin 1971–1977
Mr A Browne 1977–1983
Mr Richardson 1983–1985
Mrs M Robinson 1985–1990
Mr F Sutton 1985–1990
Mr G Kitchen 1985–1997
Mr D Havell 1991–1993
Miss J Walker 1991–1993
Mrs A Hackett 1997–2001
Mrs J Lloyd 1997–2001
Miss G Pearce 1997–2006
Miss S Pinkerton 2001–2002
Miss J Darby 2009–2014
Ms T Beswick 2014 - to present date

Mrs M Phillips 1971–1974
Mrs N P Browne 1974–1977
Mr W R Blythe 1977–1983
Mr A Browne 1983–1990
Mrs D Young 1990–1996
Mrs D Sawko 1996–2000
Mrs C Steeples 2000–2006
Mrs G Pearce-Gudger 2006– to present date

Mrs N Browne 1971–1972
Mrs T Dulley 1972–1973
Mrs N Browne 1977–1990
Mr G Lloyd 1990–1996
Mr S Sawko 1996–1997
Position dissolved

Miss J Walker 1971–1973
Mrs T M Dulley 1973–1985
Mr R Fountain 1985–1994
Mrs Hodgkinson 1994–1996
Mrs E Thomas 1996–1997
Mrs C Steeples 1997–2001
Mrs L Reed 2001–to present date

Mrs M Robinson 1980–1988
Mrs Hodgkinson 1988–1991
Mrs R Middleton 1991–1993
Mrs C Steeples 1997–2001
Miss S Whiting 2001–2002
Miss J Darby 2004–2006
Position dissolved

Mrs T M Dulley
Mr G Kitchen
Mrs D Young
Mrs M Allard